10 Most Popular Foods in Egypt

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Egypt is one of the most ancient countries and the top tourist spot for many around the world. It is famous for its amazing monuments, resorts, and culture. But along with these items, the country also has some of the most delicious foods to fulfill the cravings of all foodies.

Their cuisines are prepared with unique Egyptian techniques. Some of these methods have been inherited by the ancient people. In the coming section, we have listed the 10 most popular foods in Egypt. Try out these foods to enhance your taste.

1. Samak Mashwi

Samak mashwi is also widely eaten in Lebanon. This food is prepared with a whole baked fish. Once cooked, the dish is garnished with lemon slices, parsley, pickles, sliced olives, and mayonnaise. For seasoning, locals use olive oil and salt. This dish is normally prepared during Ramadan and for parties there.

Recipe for Samak mashwi

2. Kushari

Kushari is a traditional Egyptian cuisine and also one of the most popular ones. The dish is prepared with rice, chickpeas, garlic, tomato sauce, lentils, and onions. Locals normally use it for their lunch in the country because it makes a very good source of carbohydrates.

Recipe for kushari

3. Ta’meya

Ta’meya, in a simple language, is falafel with fava beans. It is popular street food in Egypt. This dish has roots in ancient Egypt. It is prepared with fava beans and a mixture of various spices. Afterward, the ingredients are deep-fried and served with salad, Egyptian bread, and tahini.

Recipe for ta’meya

4. Hummus

Hummus is a beige-colored spread prepared with tahini sesame paste, garlic, chickpeas, and lemon juice. It is also prepared in other Arab countries, including Lebanon. Along with great taste, this dish is also filled with nutrients.

Recipe for hummus

5. Hawawchi

If you are fond of meat, especially beef meat, then hawawchi is something you must try. This traditional Egyptian dish is prepared with well-spiced ground beef that is cooked in a bread loaf. You can bake it in a regular oven. But locals also use a rotisserie oven for it.

Recipe for hawawchi

6. Shawarma

Shawarma is a widely eaten food in Egypt, other Arab countries, and all over the world. In Egypt, this cuisine came from the ottoman empire. Visit any Syrian shawarma restaurant across the country to get the best taste.

Recipe for shawarma

7. Fesikh

Fesikh is prepared with fermented, dried, and salted gray mullet. For this food, the fish is dried under the sun and then cooked. However, you should be cautious while drying it because the fish may get poisonous if the steps are not followed properly. Other ingredients in the recipe include onion, lemon, and scallions.

Recipe for fesikh

8. Kebab and Kofta

Kebab and kofta are also eaten in other parts of the world. In Egypt, it is normally made of lamb or veal. The meat is grilled over charcoal unless cooked well. Once cooked, kebab and kofta are served with green salad, dips, and bread.

Recipe for kebab and kofta

9. Mulukhiyah

Most people call mulukhiyah the national dish of Egypt. For making mulukhiyah, you will chopped jute, coriander, garlic, and chicken stock or meat. It is accompanied by a lime wedge, white rice, or pita bread.

Recipe for mulukhiyah

10. Fatta

Fatta is usually cooked for the festivals and different occasions in the country like women’s first birth. The dish consists of fried bread and rice covered in meat soup, garlic, and chunks of stewed beef. Some people also use lamb instead of beef.

Recipe for fatta


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