10 Most Popular Foods in Ecuador

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Ecuador is not a very huge country. But despite its tiny size, the country is equipped with some of the most delicious foods. You cannot call it a destination for the foodies, but this country has some mouth-watering dishes to try.

If you want to bless your taste buds with something unique, you must try out Ecuadorian foods. In this article, we have picked and listed the 10 most popular foods in Ecuador. Read some basics of these foods and try them for a better taste.

1. Llapingachos

Llapingachos, or in simple words, fried stuffed potato patties, are the must-try foods of Ecuador. These fried omelets are well-stuffed with cheese. Then, the ingredients are cooked until the dish turns crispy. Once cooked, llapingachos are served with meat, peanut sauce, fried eggs, and avocado. It is one of the favorite cuisines of the locals there.

Recipe for llapingachos

2. Guatita

Guatita is the national dish of Ecuador. It is a thick and hearty stew. The dish consists of tripe simmered in a sauce made with a combo of potatoes and tomatoes. The locals normally serve this dish with white rice, avocado slices, hot sauce, and pickled onions.

Recipe for guatita

3. Bolon De Verde

Bolon de Verde, aka the ball, is another traditional national cuisine of the country. For making this dish, green plantains are mashed and then transferred into the shape of a ball. The balls are normally filled with pork.

Recipe for bolon de verde

4. Locro De Papa

This classic soup called locro de papa is prepared with the combination of garlic, onions, cumin, potatoes, queso fresco, annatto, and milk. For making the dish, you must continue simmering the dish until all the ingredients are fully cooked.

Recipe for locro de papa

5. Empanada De Viento

Like all other Latin American countries, empanadas are also loved in Ecuador. Locally, this dish is referred to as empanada de Viento. It is made of a dough that is filled with cheese. However, the locals also sprinkle sugar on the top to enhance its taste.

Recipe for empanada de viento

6. Cuy

Cuy or also called the Guinea pig, is a widely eaten dish in the country. Cuy has been used for food in Ecuador since the older times. This animal has dark and greasy meat. It is available in both roadside food stalls and restaurants in the country.

Recipe for cuy

7. Librillo

Librillo is a common dish in the mountainous region of the country. There are several ways to prepare this dish. However, all the recipes give a delicious result. Locals love eating it with rice. Its varieties include librillo soup and sauce.

Recipe for librillo

8. Churrasco

Churrasco refers to the tasty plate of Ecuadorian steak that is topped with plantains, fried eggs, chips, rice, salad, garlic aji sauce, and sliced avocados. It is a complete meal with a mouthwatering taste. The steak is normally thinly sliced.

Recipe for churrasco

9. Fritada de Chancho

Fritada de chancho is a piece of pork boiled in water. The process continues until the water evaporates. Afterward, the pork is fried and served with a spicy sauce and sides like fava beans, potatoes, corn, and hominy. This dish is normally eaten as a brunch during weekends.

Recipe for fritada de chancho

10. Tigrillo

Prepared with a blend of eggs, mashed green plantains, and cheese, trigrillo makes the most favorite dish of Ecuadorian locals. There are different methods of preparing trigallo. Some versions also include chicharrones, milk, or aji hot sauce.

Recipe for tigrillo


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