10 Most Popular Foods in Dominica

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Dominica is considered one of the most beautiful islands, as most people call it, the nature island. However, a beautiful island isn’t the only thing Dominica has to offer. This country also has some of the most delicious cuisines for foodies to try.

Its foods reflect a unique combo of Asian, Caribbean, African, and French dishes. They have mouthwatering taste, nutrition, and all that you need to fulfill your cravings. In the coming paragraphs, we have discussed the 10 most popular foods in Dominica. These foods are a real treat for your taste buds.

1.Mountain Chicken

Mountain chicken, you may think that the dish is made of chicken, but the reality will surprise you. This food does not contain any chicken. The name refers to a giant frog which is a native frog species in the country. However, its taste resembles the taste of chicken to a great extent.

Recipe for mountain chicken

2. Suspiritos

Made with a blend of powdered sugar, egg whites, and lime juice, suspiritos make a delicious Dominican dessert. This dish is not suitable to store. You should consume it as soon as it is prepared for better taste.

Recipe for suspiritos

3. Sancocho

Sancocho is a meat stew made with a combination of 7 different types of meat. This dish is also available in other Latin American countries. However, the taste might differ. Danish sancocho is made of meat cooked with plantain and root vegetables. It has a meaty, thick, and very rich texture.

Recipe for sancocho

4. Manicou

Manicou is made of opossum as the key ingredient. For preparing the dish, low fire is used to smoke opossum. Some people also put it in the stew. Once cooked, the dish is served with rice. Manicou is seasoned with various spices.

Recipe for manicou

5. Chapea

The key ingredients required in chapea are carrots, garlic, onions, plantains, green pepper, and auyama squash. The stew is also favored with sour orange juice, lime juice, or coriander. Locals normally serve this dish with various dishes like longaniza sausage, pork chops, or smoked ham.

Recipe for chapea

6. Mangu

Mangu is one of the most-liked cuisines of the locals in the country. The dish consists of mashed plantains. Once cooked, mangu is accompanied with eggs, fried cheese or queso frito, as the locals call it, and fried Dominican salami. This dish is normally served for breakfast.

Recipe for mangu

7. Agouti

Agouti is a special Dominican dish. Agouti is made of an animal that is similar to a Guinean pig and squirrel. Locals prepare it the same manner as manicou. However, this dish is served with a spicy curry sauce and vegetables. The combo tastes great.

Recipe for agouti

8. Ninos Envueltos

This traditional Dominican dish called Ninos envueltos consists of ground beef and rice as the key ingredients. It is wrapped in cabbage and then cooked well in tomato sauce. Besides, it also includes other ingredients like basil, onions, garlic, and bell peppers.

Recipe for ninos envueltos

9. Arroz Blanco

Dominican cuisines often include rice in the recipe, and Arroz Blanco is no different. Most people call it the traditional Dominican lunch because locals enjoy eating it in lunch. It is prepared with white rice, braised chicken or beef, or stewed beans, etc.

Recipe for arroz blanco

10. Chimichurri Burger

Chimichurri burger, aka Dominican hamburger, is made of ingredients like garlic, oregano, red pepper flakes, and parsley. It is widely available in food trucks around the country. But, that’s why locals don’t prepare it at home.

Recipe for chimichurri burger


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