10 Most Popular Foods in Denmark

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The Danish cuisine is known to be quite heavy and meaty. The danes eat potatoes and vegetables on the side as well, and traditionally they’re boiled or steamed. Many traditional Danish dishes are only seasoned with salt and pepper, making the ingredients take centerstage. To further discuss the Danish cuisine, below are the ten most famous foods along with their recipes.

1. Frikadeller

This Dish is basically fast food, the meatball dish, and is often served with boiled potatoes and gravy or creamed cabbage. It is usually made with meats like pork, veal, lamb, beef, and also fish. The aroma of fried ground meat. It is a quick pick among meat lovers.

Recipe for Frikadeller

2. Spegesild

This is one of the favorites of the people of Denmark. Spegesild is a simple yet tasty pickled fish item that can be eaten hot or cold and can also be used for preparing other dishes. It’s deliciously tangy, adding an extra flavor to the dish. This dish has a high nutritional value.

Recipe for Spegesild

3. Stegt Flæsk

This popular dish is fried pork belly and is traditionally served with a white parsley sauce and potatoes. Pork is the most popular meat in Denmark, with bacon and different other cuts used for the dish. The crunchy pork belly gets an exotic taste with the subtle flavor of the parsley sauce.

Recipe for Stegt Flæsk

4. Danish Hot Dog

These hotdogs are made in the typical Danish style and are mainly made with slices of bacon inside. A delicious street food available in different varieties of hot dogs. They give a feel of traditional Denmark food street. Depending upon the ingredients used, the tastes of the classic Danish hot dogs vary greatly.

Recipe for Danish Hot Dogs

5. Italiensk Salat

This salad dish is made of assorted vegetables and usually smoked ham. High in nutritional value, this can be consumed either as a starter or for breakfast. This is a cold salad dish and tastes great whether it’s made of pork or the vegetarian, or even the vegan way (devoid of cream).

Recipe for Italiensk Salat

6. Citronfromage

This is a classic dessert of Denmark. It is basically a lemon mousse and a favorite summer dish but can be served at any time. The fresh aroma of lemon mixed with creams and other accompaniments makes it a perfect way to finish a meal. It is served chill.

Recipe for Citronfromage

7. Karbonader

This dish is also known as Norway’s hamburger, Karbonader is one of the typical Danish foods, also known as krebinetter. They have generally breaded pork patties. Earlier on, karbonader was served with peas and carrots in a white sauce and a green salad or rye bread.

Recipe for Karbonader

8. Juleand

This dish is prepared during Christmas in Denmark, famously known as Christmas duck (juleand).  The duck is roasted with potatoes, caramelized potatoes, green herbs, orange/lemon juice, and a gravy sauce on Christmas Eve. The duck’s skin is removed and then kept for roasting until tendered.

Recipe for Juleand

9. Smørrebrød

Smørrebrød is an open-faced ‘sandwich’ consisting of a buttered rye bread called rugbrød, topped with topping such as pieces of meat, fish, egg, cheese, or cheese avocado and topped with garnishes. It is also considered as Denmark’s national dish by some Danes. It is a perfectly healthy meal.

Recipe for Smørrebrød

10. Tarteletter

This dish is simply chicken and asparagus in tartles. Tarteletter is puff-pastry tart shells filled with chicken, white asparagus, and a white sauce of butter, flour, and milk with carrots and peas. It is one of the classic Danish dishes and also a favourite for Christmas lunches usually.

Recipe for Tarteletter



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