10 Most Popular Foods in Czech Republic

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The menus in Czech Republic restaurants are filled with delicious traditional foods of the country. In addition, they have some of the must-try cuisines that you should not miss tasting, especially if you are crazy about foods.

From hearty soups and street foods to healthy dishes and fancy restaurants, all the dishes of the Czech Republic are worth getting excited for. In the section below, we have picked the 10 most popular foods in the Czech Republic, so try them out for tasting something good.

1. Svíčková na Smetaně

Svíčková na smetaně is one of the best cuisines of the country. In simple words, it is a marinated sirloin that consists of ingredients like braised beef. The meat is covered in a thick layer of sauce made of carrots and parsley roots. For sides, locals normally use whipped cream and cranberry sauce.

Recipe for svíčková na smetaně

2. Dršťková 

Dršťková is one of the Czech Republic’s traditional dishes. It is a delicious soup made of beef tripe with a high amount of sweet paprika and onions. This soup has different varieties like some also add sausages or smoked meat in the recipe.

Recipe for dršťková

3. Bread Knedliky

Bread knedliky is the simplest food you can try in the Republic. These are mouthwatering dumplings with great sauces. It has both savory and sweet tastes. It is normally served as a side dish with the main course.

Recipe for bread knedliky

4. Vepřo Knedlo Zelo

Vepřo knedlo zelo is Czech style roasted pork. It is widely available in restaurants across the country. The pork is served with dumplings and pickled cabbage as sides. The key ingredients in its recipe are pork, often shoulder meat, onions, clove garlic, pork lard, caraway seeds, flour, and salt.

Recipe for vepřo knedlo zelo

5. Kyselo

Kyselo is a hearty soup. It is prepared with sourdough, which is the main ingredient. While other ingredients include mushrooms, potatoes, and few other vegetables based on the region it is cooked in. Locals normally serve it with boiled or scrambled eggs.

Recipe for kyselo

6. Goulash

Goulash is a very flavorful dish mostly eaten during winter. This meaty stew is made of stewed beef, paprika, and thick meat sauce as the main ingredients. Goulash is accompanied by chili peppers and onions despite its spiciness. It is heavily marinated.

Recipe for goulash

7. Řízek 

Řízek is schnitzel. Though it is not a Czech-specific food, it is prepared in a little different way in the Republic. It is prepared with several types of meat that are covered in breadcrumbs and flour. Then, they are fried and served. Normally, potato salad is served as the side dish.

Recipe for řízek 

8. Cibulačka

Cibulačka is the Czech version of French soupe a l’oignon. It is the favorite dish of many locals across the country. It is simple yet a little pungent. It consists of caramelized onions and either vegetable or meat broth.

Recipe for cibulačka

9. Kulajda

Kulajda is another popular soup from the Czech Republic. The creamy soup uses potatoes and mushrooms as the key ingredients in the recipe. It gives a combo of savory and sweet flavors. Once cooked, it is served with sunflower oil drizzle that enhances its flavor.

Recipe for kulajda

10. Sekaná Pečeně

Sekaná pečeně is baked mincemeat. It is another version of meatloaf. The ingredients needed in the recipe are onions, garlic, pork, beef, and slices of bacon. Some recipes also include herbs like parsley and marjoram for better taste.

Recipe for sekaná pečeně


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