10 Most Popular Foods in Cyprus

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Cypriots love eating; you will hardly find a group of people without something to eat around the country. So, having such a foodie population indicates that the country has some delicious foods to try.

Furthermore, various cultures have influenced Cypriot cuisines because three major continents surround the island. In the following paragraphs, we have listed the 10 most popular foods in Cyprus with their recipes, so try them out and give your taste buds some real treats.

1. Halloumi

Halloumi is one of the top dishes of Cyprus. Due to its great taste, it is also eaten in the Middle East and some European countries. It has a rubbery texture with a salty taste. Halloumi is a special type of Cypriot cheese used in so many dishes and by professional chefs.

Recipe for halloumi

2. Sheftalies

Sheftalies resemble kebabs to a great extent. But don’t fall for its looks because this food has a different taste which, as per most locals, is much better than the kebabs. It is prepared with either minced pork or lamb and a high quantity of parsley, onions, and cinnamon.

Recipe for sheftalies

3. Koufeta Amygdalou Geroskipou

Koufta amygdalou geroskipou is a delicious form of roasted and sugared almonds. At first, it was a family recipe that afterward spread, and now it is eaten in all parts of Cyprus.

Recipe for koufeta amygdalou geroskipou

4. Koupepia and Gemista

Koupepia and gemista are the Cypriot variety of dolma. It is prepared with ingredients like rice, minced meat, tomatoes, onions, and a blend of herbs. These filling are wrapped in the vine leaves. It is also common in Greece, Middle East, and Turkey.

Recipe for koupepia and gemista

5. Souvla

Souvla is often cooked during celebrations and different festivals in Cyprus. It is a famous style of barbecue, and both locals and visitors love it. It is prepared by cooking lamb or pork slowly over charcoal. Souvla is also considered a family dish because it is prepared when families get together.

Recipe for souvla

6. Lountza

Lountza is mouthwatering smoked pork. It is one of the popular local dishes of Cyprus. Its preparation method dates back to the older times. The key ingredients required are pork, red wine, coriander seeds, salt and black pepper, and cumin.

Recipe for lountza

7. Kolokouthkia me ta Afka

Kolokouthkia me ta afka consists of scrambled egg and fried courgettes with sprinkled salt. It is widely available in restaurants across the country. It is simple but equally delicious, something you don’t want to miss.

Recipe for kolokouthkia me ta afka

8. Louvi

Louvi is the Cypriot name for black-eyed beans. They cook black-eyed beans deliciously, and it is one of their must-have foods. It is very nutritious and contains a good amount of proteins. But, it is accompanied by courgettes, chard, and few other vegetables.

Recipe for louvi

9. Hellimli

Hellimli is a bread that is made with flour, so what is special about this? Well, the recipe includes water, olive oil, butter, halloumi cheese, mint, and onions. The combination of these ingredients makes this dish exceptionally well-tasting. Some people also add nigella and sesame seeds for better taste.

Recipe for hellimli

10. Makaronia tou Fournou

Makaronia tou fournou is another version of Greek pastitsio. The key ingredients in the recipe are minced pork, tomato, bechamel sauce, and pasta tubes. In Cyprus, halloumi cheese is used instead of ordinary cheese, while dry mint is sprinkled.

Recipe or makaronia tou fournou


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