10 Most Popular Foods in Cuba

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Some people love trying out new foods and experiencing new tastes and flavors; most people even travel for it. If you are one of those and you want to try some delicious yet appetizing cuisines, then you must add Cuban cuisines to your list.

This country possesses some good techniques and recipes of cooking which are worth trying. In the below list, we have discussed the 10 most famous foods in Cuba.

1. Ropa Vieja

Ropa vieja makes one of the most appreciated and mouthwatering Cuban foods. This food and its recipe have been inherited from the Spanish Canary islands. Ropa vieja is prepared with meat, onions, bay leaves, cumin, bell peppers, etc. The meat is first boiled and then shredded before adding to the recipe. 

Recipe for ropa vieja

2. Vaca Frita

Vaca frita is a crispy beef dish. It is made of shredded flank or skirt steak. If you directly translate the name, it becomes fried cow that refers to its preparation method. The ingredients required are beef, bay leaf, bell peppers, lime juice, garlic, onion, black peppers, and olive oil.

Recipe for vaca frita

3. Platillo Moros y Cristiano

The platillo Moros y Cristiano is tasty Cuban rice and one of the national dishes of the country. It is the combination of rice and black beans which are cooked together.

Recipe for platillo moros y Cristiano

4. Arroz y Frijoles Negro

Arroz y frijoles negro is white rice with black beans, another recipe for these two ingredients. This dish has a simple recipe. It is easy to cook. The beans are cooked until they give a smooth and creamy texture, and rice until they fall apart.

Recipe for arroz y frijoles negro

5. Arroz Con Maiz

Arroz con Maiz or simply rice with corn is a simple dish. White rice is cooked with corn together in the same vessel. This dish has different variations because it is also cooked in Puerto Rico and Dominica.

Recipe for arroz con maiz

6. Medianoche

Medianoche is a mouthwatering sandwich cooked in Cuba. The sandwich is filled with roasted pork, Swiss cheese, pickles, and ham. The bread for this sandwich is also made specifically with soft and sweet egg dough. It is mostly eaten midnights. It is found in almost every dance club.

Recipe for medianoche

7. Lechon Asado

Lechon Asado is roasted pork. It is one of the most-eaten and favorites dishes of both the Cuban locals and visitors. Pork can be roasted in different methods, and each restaurant and home has its method. However, most of them use a sauce made of vinegar, garlic, and seasonings.

Recipe for lechon asado

8. Frita

Frita is a Cuban burger you don’t want to miss. Traditionally, these burgers were made with ground beef, Cuban rolls, onions, julienned potatoes, and seasonings like smoked paprika. Ketchup is also a key ingredient in the recipe.

Recipe for fruit

9. Arroz Con Huevos

Arroz con huevos is called the lazy lunch among Latin Americans. It is simply a bowl of rice with a fried egg. This dish also has many variations. Some also make it with plantains, savory sofrito, cheese, parsley, etc., for better taste.

Recipe for arroz con huevos

10. Yuca Con Mojo

Cuban locals love yuca con mojo due to its exceptional taste and health benefits. It is normally used as an appetizer before the actual meal. It has two methods for preparation, i.e., fried and boiled. However, even for the fried method, you will still need to boil cassava before frying.

Recipe for yuca con mojo


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