10 Most Popular Foods in Croatia

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Croatia does not have its specific traditional cuisines because all of its cuisines are a combination of foods from different regions. Their techniques and recipes have roots in ancient Slavic culture, Turkish, Hungarian, Italian, and Greek influences.

To make you understand more about the tastes and cuisines of Croatia, we have picked some of its best cuisines. In addition, we have listed the 10 most popular foods in Croatia for you to try, along with their recipes.

1. Black Risotto

Black risotto is also known as crni rizot by most locals. This dish is prepared with either squid or cuttlefish. It is the seafood-twisted dish of Italy. Black risotto is accompanied by red wine, garlic, olive oil, and squid ink, giving it a better taste while changing its color to a little blackish.

Recipe for black risotto

2. Janjetina S Bizima

The janjetina s bizima is prepared with lamb and peas as the key ingredients. The lamb is chopped into small pieces and then sauteed in butter and oil with other ingredients like onions, garlic, and carrots. Tomato and parsley are also added after a while in the recipe.

Recipe for janjetina s bizima

3. Poppy Seed and Almond Strudel

Poppyseed and almond strudel is a sweet delight for all the foodies. This dish has a crunchy top with a sugar topping. Locals often eat it for breakfast. It is accompanied by soy cappuccino.

Recipe for poppy seed and almond strudel

4. Boskarin

Boskarin is delicious food from the Istrian region of the country. These cattle are white-grey and have longhorns. Fancy restaurants around the country often serve it. It is served with pasta or gnocchi sauce. There are many recipes for boskarin, and all are equally tasty.

Recipe for boskarin

5. Maneštra od Bobići

Maneštra od bobići is an Istrian soup. It is made of kidney beans, sweet corn, and potatoes, etc. Some locals also use dry pork in the recipe for better taste. A special type of mash is also added, made with garlic, parsley, and bacon fat.

Recipe for maneštra od bobići

6. Octopus Salad

Octopus salad is eaten in other countries too. It is one of the traditional cuisines of Croatia. The common ingredients used in the recipe are lobsters, black-ink fish food, mussels, and lobsters with leafy greens, tomatoes, and potatoes, etc.

Recipe for octopus salad          

7. Brodetto

Brodetto was initially made by the fisherman in the coastal region of Italy, but soon it became popular throughout Croatia. A mixture of fish prepares this fish stew. While other necessary ingredients are onions, garlic cloves, carrots, celery ribs, bay leaves, parsley, clams, fish stock, red snapper fillets, tomatoes, etc.

Recipe for brodetto

8. Češnjovka

These traditional Croatian sausages are prepared with pork. It is a little spicy because the recipe includes a higher amount of garlic. These sausages are eaten with mustard dip and are normally served with mulled wine.

recipe for Češnjovka

9. Pašticada

Pašticada is one of the favorite cuisines of the locals in Croatia. The food consists of garlic, carrots, cloves, bacon, and meat. The meat is marinated and salted in vinegar overnight before cooking. Then, it is slow-cooked and served with pasta or gnocchi.

Recipe for pašticada

10. Fritule

Fritule, or in simple words, the Croatian fritters, are one of the most-like desserts of the country. These are small donuts often prepared during celebrations and holidays. The ingredients needed for the fritule are egg yolk, rum or rakija, orange or lemon rinds, citrus zest, etc. 

Recipe for fritule


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