10 Most Popular Foods in Congo

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Congolese foods give a delightful combo of vegetables, meat, fish, etc. however, their prime focus remains on farmland products. Some key ingredients found in almost every Congolese cuisine are cassava, yam, rice, vegetables, and taro. Their dishes are spicy, warm, and full of flavor that you want to miss trying. In the below section, we have picked and listed the 10 most popular foods in Congo, so try them out and bless your taste buds with some good and authentic dishes.

1. Poulet à la Moambé

Poulet à la moambé is the national dish of Congo. It is a delicious chicken stew. This dish has simmered chicken, moambe, or palm butter, and some good spices. If you are using palm butter, then you will find its taste dominating. It is also famous in other countries like Angola and Gabon.

Recipe for poulet à la moambe

2. Liboké de Viande

Liboké de viande is a traditional Congolese dish. It is made with meat wrapped in a banana leaf. The key ingredients in its recipe are meat, banana leaves, chili peppers, cayenne peppers, onions, crushed peanuts, and lemon juice.

Recipe for liboké de viande

3. Saka-Saka

Another national and highly popular dish of Congo is saka-saka. This dish consists of smoked fish, cassava leaves, peanut butter, and palm oil as main ingredients; the cassava leaves will be boiled first before being used for further processes. Saka-Saka is accompanied by fufu, kwanga, and plantains.

Recipe for saka-saka

4. Fufu

Fufu is not only popular in Congo but the rest of Africa. This food is like a porridge with dough. It is prepared with yams, cassava, and plantains as key ingredients. This food is something every African enjoys. Fufu is often eaten with a stew or soup.

Recipe for fufu

5. Muamba Nsusu

Muamba nsusu is another Congolese-origin traditional African stew. The recipe consists of ingredients like chicken, peanut butter, tomato, lemon juice, cumin, spinach, chili peppers, paprika, onions, cumin, turmeric, and palm oil. Once cooked, crushed peanuts and chopped scallions are used for garnishing.

Recipe for Muamba nsusu

6. Madesu

Madesu is a delicious dish made with beans. For making madesu, the beans are cooked with water first before the further process. Then, the beans are fried in oil, often palm oil, with a tomato sauce. Some people also add fish, beef, chicken, or ham.

Recipe for madesu

7. Fumbwa

This Congolese stew, called fumbwa, is prepared with spinach. Traditionally, the spinach is first boiled with onions and tomatoes, and then palm oil is added to the recipe to enhance its taste. Some locals also add catfish to make it more wholesome.

Recipe for fumbwa

8. Liboké de Poisson

Liboké de Poisson is a simple yet equally tasty dish that originated in Congo. Banana leaves are filled with fish fillets or a whole fish either seasoned or marinated in this dish. Adding different vegetables and onions is also desirable for better taste.

Recipe for Liboké de poisson

9. Makayabu

Makayabu is based on salted fish and sweet potatoes, which are the main ingredients in the recipe. While other necessary ingredients are bell peppers, garlic cloves, bay leaves, cabbages, onions, and salt. Makayabu is often served with white rice.

Recipe for makayabu

10. Dongo-Dongo

Dongo-dongo is an okra soup. You can make it both vegan and with meat. Some locals love making it with either fish or meat for better taste. However, using them is not necessary. The soup is often accompanied by fufu or rice because of its saucy texture.

Recipe for dongo-dongo



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