10 Most Popular Foods in Comoros

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Comoros foods have been influenced by the French and Arab cuisines, try out its foods, and you will agree too. Comoros has delicious foods that taste like a unique combo of African, Middle Eastern, and European cuisines.

Their foods are also one of the must-try cuisines around the world and if you want to experience something flavorful and healthy, then bless your taste buds with Comorian cuisines. We have also listed the 10 most popular foods in Comoros for you with their recipes.

1. Le Me Tsolola

The delicious le me tsolola originated from the islands of Comoros, which later became popular in African countries. It is a traditional stew prepared with meat and fish. The ingredients are cooked in coconut milk. Other ingredients in the recipe are onions, rice, tomatoes, bananas, beef, and oil.

Recipe for le me tsolola

2. Langouste a la Vanille

Langouste a la vanille is the traditional dish of Comoros. This dish is prepared with fresh lobsters and vanilla beans which are the key ingredients. This dish has a French origin. Other essential ingredients are white wine, spinach, clove sprouts, butter, white wine vinegar, Vidalia onions, and salt and pepper.

Recipe for Langouste a la vanille

3. Mkatra Foutra

Mkatra foutra is a mouthwatering bread. The bread is fried and unleavened, prepared with coconut water. This flatbread is often served with honey, Arabic coffee, and other foods.

Recipe for mkatra foutra

4. Mshakiki

This barbecued meat called mshakiki is a delicate dish made with beef steak. The beef steaks are in cubes which are first marinated. Afterward, these are skewered and then grilled. Once the meat becomes tender, it is served. For marination, you will need lemon juice, curry powder, tomato paste, turmeric, chili powder, ginger and garlic paste, and grated papaya.

Recipe for mshakiki

5. Achard Auc Legumes

Achard auc legumes or, in simple words, pickled vegetables is another famous and traditional Comorian cuisine. There are two main recipes for preparing these delicious pickled vegetables.

Recipe for Achard auc legumes

6. Comoros Pilaou

Pilaou is highly aromatic and tasty rice from Comoros. It can be prepared both with meat and vegetables. The traditional method of preparation is with meat, while now, people also use plant-based protein like chickpeas for making it vegan. For meat, locals mostly use beef, but it can also be made with other meats.

Recipe for Comoros pilaou

7. Ambrevades au Curry

Ambrevades au curry is delicious curried pigeon peas. The main ingredients are ground cardamom, coconut milk, ground cumin, turmeric, tomatoes, and canned pigeon peas. You can also use other pigeon peas if available.

Recipe for ambrevades au curry

8. Ntrovi ya Nazi

Ntrovi ya nazi is a warm, tasty, and highly satisfying dish. You will need plantains, curry powder, ground cloves, cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, and coconut milk for making this dish. These ingredients are mixed well and then cooked in medium-low heat.

Recipe for ntrovi ya nazi

9. Roti Ya Houmapampa

Roti ya houmapampa is an easy to prepare Comorian dish. The ingredients needed for preparing roti ya houmapampa are tomatoes, turmeric, black peppercorns, yellow onions, and salt cod. It has easy steps. Follow them to make this dish.

Recipe for roti ya houmapampa

10. Ladu

Ladu is a sweet dish. It is also popular in many countries around the world. For making the Comorian version of this dish, you will need powdered sugar, rice, cardamom, ghee, and black pepper. Follow the instruction for making ladu.

Recipe for ladu


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