10 Most Popular Foods in Chile

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Chilean foods have been inspired by European cuisines. In other words, we can say that Chilean foods are another version of the European cuisines. These dishes have exceptional flavors, bright colors, and highly wholesome meals with a wide range of options. We have listed the 10 most popular foods in Chile in the paragraphs below, so you try and don’t miss some real flavors.

1. Empanadas

Empanadas are dough pastries. These are either fried or baked. The dough has a delicious filling that normally includes cheese, onions, beef, succulent seafood, and olive oil. Locals eat this food daily. They prepare the filling the night before and then make the pastry the other day. Then, it is normally presented to the guests, and they feel pride in it.

Recipe for empanadas

2. Curanto

This traditional technique of preparing seafood and meat is something you don’t want to miss. It is made with potatoes, chapaleles, potato dumplings, pork, chicken, sausages, different types of seafood like clams, giant, mussels, and barnacles, etc. Once cooked, curanto is served with hot sauce, milcao potato pancakes, and pebre.

Recipe for curanto

3. Churrasco Italiano

This mouthwatering Chilean sandwich called churrasco Italiano is made with grilled steak, cut into thin slices, and other ingredients like tomatoes, mayonnaise, and palta, mashed avocados. Once made, the sandwiches become too sloppy. So, you must have good techniques for eating it.

Recipe for churrasco italiano

4. Humitas

Humitas are another version of tamales, the Chilean version. It has a unique taste of savory and sweetness. These are made with cornmeal, flour, basil, ground corn, ground paprika, and onions. These are either boiled or steamed in hot water.

Recipe for humitas

5. Chacarero

Chacarero is another delicious sandwich from Chile. It is made of fresh bread roll, served with other ingredients like beef steak, tomato slices, hot chili peppers, and green beans. This dish got its name from the Spanish word chacra that translates to the ranch.

Recipe for chacarero

6. Barros Jarpa

It is another popular Chilean sandwich that locals love. The food consists of a grilled sandwich bread which is filled with cheese and slices of ham. For cheese, locals usually use mantecoso, similar to the farmer’s cheese. It has another variation called Barros Luco, in which ham is replaced with steak.

Recipe for barros jarpa

7. Pastel de Choclo

Pastel de choclo has been inspired by Spanish foods i.e. Andean humitas and empanadas. Pastel de choclo also gives a unique combo of sweet and savory in taste. It is prepared with sweet corn, onions, boiled eggs, raisins, ground beef, and olives.

Recipe for pastel de choclo

8. Chorrillana

Chorrillana, also known as bistec a la chorrillana, is mostly found in pubs around Chile. It is used as both food and appetizers. The dish consists of French fries covered in scrambled or fried eggs, caramelized onions, and beef strips.

Recipe for chorrillana

9. Carbondana Chilena

Carbondana Chilena is a traditional Chilean soup-like stew. It is made with a mixture of beef, potatoes, bell peppers, onions, celery, oregano, pumpkin, peas, paprika, corn, garlic, beef stock, olive oil, salt and pepper, and bay leaves.

Recipe for carbondana chilena

10. Completes

Completes or, in simple words, the Chilean hot dogs are something you must try if you love eating hot dogs. The dish consists of tomato, sausages, lots of mayonnaise, and sauerkraut. It is widely available across the country in street stalls and restaurants. Try them for a unique hot dog taste.

Recipe for completes


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