10 Most Popular Foods in Chad

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The Republic of Chad has its specific cooking practices that have been going for generations now. This North-Central African country has a wide range and different varieties of foods which vary from south and north due to different weather conditions and land fertility. So, if you want to experience diversity in food, then you must add Chad’s cuisines to your list. Also, we have listed the 10 most popular foods in Chad with their recipes in the following section.

1. La Bouillie

La bouillie is normally prepared and eaten for breakfast by Chadians. It is prepared by combining wheat or rice with few other ingredients like milk, peanut butter, and flour. La Bouillie is served after it gets a little thick after boiling. It is served hot. Locals also add topping and other ingredients like fruits.

Recipe for la bouillie

2. Kisra

Kisra is a very old and traditional cuisine in Chad. It is a large but very thin fermented flatbread-like pancake. It is normally prepared with sorghum flour. Some locals also call it kisra rhaheefa. It is also prepared in other African countries.

Recipe for kisra

3. Daraba

Daraba is another popular Chadian traditional dish. It is prepared with tomatoes, okra, greens, sweet potatoes, and greens, etc. There are various recipes for daraba. Some people also add eggplants, bouillon, and cayenne. However, the end product always tastes good no matter what recipe you follow.

Recipe for daraba

4. Peanut and Squash Stew

This delicious stew is something foodies must add to their to-eat list. The peanut and squash stew has excellent taste and good filling, which makes it super healthy. The main ingredients in the recipe are squash and peanut, but you will also need spices, ginger, garlic cloves, serrano chili, onions, etc.

Recipe for peanut and squash stew

5. Jarret de Boeuf

Though Jarret de boeuf has a French name, this dish is one of the Chadian cuisines. Its name’s direct translation becomes shin of beef. This stew is prepared with beef and other vegetables grown in the country.

Recipe for jarret de boeuf

6. Esh

Esh is mostly prepared and consumed by the Arabs in the country. Esh contains millet flour which is boiled. Once cooked, the dish is served with moulsh sauce. Few necessary ingredients for making esh are vanilla extract, cinnamon, butter, milk, and few finely chopped dates.

Recipe for esh

7. Aiyash

Aiyash is a deep-fried mouthwatering plain ball of millet flour. Aiyash has a simple flavor; that’s why locals consume it with some sauces. Common and most used sauces are harrisa lime sauce, peanut sauce, and saka saka sauce.

Recipe for aiyash

8. Maharagwe

Maharagwe or simply beans, i.e., red beans or French bean plant seeds, are used for preparing this dish. It is also consumed in Kenya, Burundi, and few other countries. Locals enjoy this dish both because of its taste and healthy proteins. Some necessary ingredients are raw beans, onions, tomatoes, coriander, garlic, coriander, etc.

Recipe for maharagwe

9. Bangaou

If you are craving meat, then you must start making banagou. It is another stew from Chad with exceptional flavor. This dish comes from the Arab culture. It is prepared with lamb, bouillon cube, tomatoes, and sweet potatoes, etc.

Recipe for bangaou

10. Kissar

Kissar is a specific type of pancake or sourdough crepe. You will need rice flour or semolina flour, plain yogurt, yeats, sugar, and oil for making kissar. Locals serve it with different foods like porridge, custard, or oatmeal, etc.

Recipe for kissar



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