10 Most Popular Foods in Cameroon

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The Central African country Cameroon is blessed with a wide range of wildlife and different terrains. But if you ever visit the country, then make sure to try out its foods too because it has some delicious foods to offer. Cameroon foods have different varieties and are extremely versatile that all foodies enjoy. We have picked the 10 most popular foods in Cameroon with their recipes for you to try and fulfill your cravings.

1. Eru Soup

Eru soup is a delicious vegetable soup that is prepared using shredded okok or eru leaves. You will also need some other ingredients like smoked meat and fish and waterleaf or spinach. This eru soup is highly nutritious. It is soft, starchy, and smooth. Once meat and fish are included in the recipe, the dish becomes more delicious.

Recipe for eru soup

2. Ekwang

Ekwang is the ultimate cuisine with Cameroon delicacy. It is something you don’t want to miss. The ingredients required for this dish are cocoyams, spinach or cocoyam leaves, smoked beef or fish, palm oil, crayfish, habanero pepper onions, ginger, garlic, and salt. Get these ingredients and follow the instructions.

Recipe for ekwang

3. Kwacoco

Kwacoco is prepared with mashed cocoyam. Afterward, the mashed product is wrapped using banana leaves and steamed. Traditionally, it was prepared by the Kwe people. However, some also combine cocoyam with other ingredients like smoked fish, red oil, and spinach. With these ingredients, the dish is called the kwacoco bible.

Recipe for kwacoco

4. Koki

Koki is often prepared for weddings in Cameroon. It is a pudding-like dish. Koki consists of black-eyed peas as the key ingredients. It is combined with spinach for making koki. It has a very earthy and moist flavor which is the result of black-eyed peas.

Recipe for koki

5. Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is delicious and popular pot rice. It is also known as Benachin and Jollof. It has an easy preparation method with five steps. Ingredients for this dish are tomatoes, red onions, habanero peppers, peanut oil, tomato paste, parboiled rice, thyme, curry powder, and chicken stock, etc.

Recipe for jollof rice

6. Kpwem

Kpwem is the favorite dish of vegetarians in the country. It is prepared with manioc leaves that are the main ingredient. While other ingredients are onions, ginger, and garlic which are combined with peanut butter. Locals serve it with rice, cassava, plantains, or yams.

Recipe for kpwem

7. Accra Banana

This deep-fried food is prepared with banana as the key ingredient. You will also need other ingredients like cassava, flour, and cornmeal. The ingredients are mixed and then shaped like balls.

Recipe for Accra banana

8. Water Fufu

Fufu is a common food in most African countries. Water fufu is kano called the cassava fufu in most countries. This dish is served with different stews made of chicken, beef, or various vegetables. Their combination makes a mouthwatering cuisine.

Recipe for water fufu

9. Mbongo Tchobi

Mbongo Tchobi, also called the black stew, is made with tomatoes, onions, meat like goat, lamb, beef, and fish. These ingredients are combined with alligator pepper, mbongo tree stick called hiomi, and other nutty spices. Finally, Mbongo tchobi is served with boiled plantains.

Recipe for mbongo tchobi

10. Ndole

Ndole is one of the national dishes of Cameroon. The recipe consists of bitter or ndole leaves, spinach, and peanuts. Its delicious flavor comes from prawns, crayfish, shrimps, and beef. It has a little bitter and nutty flavor which is due to the ingredients used in it.

Recipe for ndole


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