10 Most Popular Foods in Cambodia

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Cambodian cuisines are not as famous as other countries around the world; they are underrated. However, this country has some bold and rich flavors and mouthwatering dishes that you must not miss. Cook them at your home, visit any Cambodian restaurant in your country, or try them during your stay in Cambodia.

In the following sections, we have provided the 10 most popular foods in Cambodia with their recipes.

1. Pleah Sach Ko

Pleah sach ko is a special type of beef ceviche. This food is prepared with bite-size and super thin pieces of raw beef. Firstly, these pieces are marinated in lime juice. Afterward, it is covered with a clear lime juice broth, a base mix of chicken soup, sugar, and fish sauce. Besides, the dish also requires different types of vegetables.

Recipe for pleah sach ko

2. Fish Amok

Cambodians use rice and fish in larger quantities, and fish amok is an example. Therefore, the national dish of the country is also prepared with fish and served with rice. Other necessary ingredients are curry paste and coconut milk. Once mixed, the blend is added to the cups made of banana leaf.

Recipe for fish amok

3. Bai Sach Chrouk

Bai Sach chrouk is simply porked with rice. It is one of the most eaten street foods in the country. It is easy to prepare and delicious to eat. The dish contains sliced pork marinated with either garlic or coconut milk.

Recipe for bai sach chrouk

4. Samlar Machu

Samlar Machu is a traditional seafood or meat dish with vegetables that are cooked in a broth base. The base is a little sour. Often, spinach, tomatoes, lemongrass, shallots, hot basil, kaffir lime leaves, scallions, cilantro, and slek kantrop are used.

Recipe for samlar Machu

5. Red Curry

Red curry is highly influenced by Indian dishes. It is one of the favorite cuisines of Cambodia. Red curry is often prepared for big festivals, family gatherings, and weddings. The dish combines various meats like fish, beef, or chicken with eggplant.

Recipe for red curry

6. Green Papaya Salad

Green papaya salad, aka bok I’hong, is one of the country’s most consumed types of salads. This salad has different versions. The main ingredients for green papaya salad are clove garlic, peanuts, fish sauce, lime juice, lettuce, tomatoes, long beans, dried shrimps, etc.

Recipe for green papaya salad

7. Twa Ko

Twa ko is a special Cambodian sausage. These are made of pork or beef. However, it demands more amount of fat. Other ingredients required for the dish are galangal, garlic, lemongrass, cooked rice, fish sauce, kaffir lime leaves, roasted peanuts, Nam powder, and sugar.

Recipe for twa ko

8. Lap Khmer

Lap Khmer is a special beef salad. It is prepared with beef marinated in lime juice with few other ingredients like mint, bell peppers, shallots, basil, garlic, and fish sauce. It is light and very tasty.

Recipe for lap Khmer

9. Nom Banh Chonk

Nom Banh chonk is delicious noodles often eaten for breakfast. This dish is made with rice noodles and then topped with green gravy of fish and fresh vegetables. The ingredients used in nom Banh chonk are green beans, banana blossom, cucumbers, bean sprouts, and mint leaves.

Recipe for nom Banh chonk

10. Yaohon

Yaohon, also called ya-hon, is a hot pot from Cambodia. The dish consists of various vegetables, seafood, and meat. The broth for yaohon is prepared with a blend of coconut soda, coconut cream or coconut milk, and chicken broth.

Recipe for yaohon


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