10 Most Popular Foods in Cabo Verde

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Cabo Verde gives a unique combination of West African culture with European because of its history with Portugal. This country has some fascinating colonial houses and a lot of people come here for these things. However, if you visit the country, then you should also try out its foods that also show the blend of both cultures.

We have picked and listed the 10 most popular foods in Cabo Verde for you to fulfill your cravings.

1. Cachupa

In the past, cachupa was used to feed poorly. However, due to its exceptional flavor, now it is also served in restaurants around the country. It is something you must try out. This dish has so many variants, and all are tasty. Cachupa is prepared with various types of meat and fish like tuna.

Recipe for cachupa

2. Jagacida (aka Jag)

Jagacida is a Cape Verdean cuisine; however, it has a high influence on Portugal. It is made with a mixture of rice, paprika, bay leaves, white pepper, tomato paste, linguica sausage, onions, kidney beans, garlic, and olive oil. However, it has different versions and recipes.

Recipe for jadacida

3. Buzio

Buzio is a great dish for those who crave seafood. It is cooked slowly, which enhances its taste. It is normally prepared with mussels, but some locals also prefer shellfish. Soy sauce is also one of the vital ingredients in this food. It is light and goes well for both lunch and dinner.

Recipe for buzio

4. Morreia

Morreia, also known as the fried moray eel is another Cabo Verdean cuisine of Portuguese origin. It is a very popular dish in both countries, and both locals and visitors love them. The ingredients required are moray eel, chopped garlic, bay leaf, black pepper, hot sauce, vinegar, and lemon juice.

Recipe for morreia

5. Bol of Cus-Cus

If you want to try out something for breakfast, then you must consider eating bol of cus-cus. This dish is prepared with sugar, cinnamon, and cornmeal.

Recipe for bol of cus-cus

6. Percebes

Cabo Verdeans have a great love for seafood which is also evident from their foods. Another seafood is percebes. It is a small crustacean found in seabed rocks. It has a unique look. Percebes have a delicious flavor. It is usually served with toast, butter, and beer.

Recipe for percebes

7. Caldo de Peixe (aka Calderado)

Caldo de peixe is another fish dish with pumpkin, potatoes, carrots, and a few other vegetables. Once cooked, Caldo de peixe is normally served with tomato puree, rice, or corn puree. For fish, locals prefer using mackerel or cavala.

Recipe for caldo de peixe

8. Frango Assado

Frango assado is a famous type of grilled chicken from Cabo Verde. The main ingredients required for this dish are thyme and whole chicken. Once cooked, it is normally served with either black-eyed beans or fried potatoes. Both taste well with the food.

Recipe for frango assado

9. Modje de Sao Nicolau

This healthy and delicious meat stew from Cabo Verde is called Modje de Sao Nicolau. Locals mostly use beef, lamb, or goat’s meat for preparing this cuisine. Plus, some people also use vegetable roots for their preparation. This stew has been originated from Sao Nicolau island.

Recipe for modje de Sao Nicolau

10. Lobster

The Cabo Verdean recipe for lobster enhances the taste of this seafood and makes it something hard to skip. The ingredients needed in the recipe are seafood cream, garlic cloves, white wine, butter, oregano, chili, lemons, tomatoes, and onions.

Recipe for lobster


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