10 Most Popular Foods in Burundi

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Burundi’s East African country captures some of the most fascinating mountains, agricultural fields, and savannas that make it worth exploring. However, if you ever visit this country, then make sure to try out its food and its landscapes because it has some delicious foods.

In African culinary culture, Burundi’s cuisines are praised by all. That’s why we have picked the 10 most popular foods in Burundi; try them, you will surely love them.

1. Ibiharage

Ibiharage is a delicious stew made of beans. Locals normally use white beans; however, white beans are also common among few locals. While other ingredients in the recipe are onions, garlic, mixed spices, oil, and salt. It is very healthy and tasty at the same time and something you must not miss. Both locals and visitors praise this food.

Recipe for ibiharage

2. Ugali

Ugali is a porridge made of either cassava flour or maize. It is super easy to prepare and one of the highly loved cuisines of the country. Other ingredients in the recipe are butter and salt. Just boil the water, add the flour slowly, stir it continuously. Once thickened, take out the dish is ready. Add butter topping before serving.

Recipe for ugali

3. Boko Boko Harees

This traditional Burundian food called Boko Boko harees is a specific type of chicken. It is cooked with ingredients like onion, bulgur wheat, and turmeric.

Recipe for Boko boko harees

4. Marahagwe

Marahagwe is a mouthwatering beans soup or the classic stew of different vegetables and beans. This food is also common in Chad, Congo, and Kenya but slightly different. For marahagwe, you will need beans, allspice, coconut milk, potatoes, garlic cloves, tomatoes, and greens like spinach or cabbage.

Recipe for marahagwe

5. Beans and Bananas

Beans and bananas? The combination sounds surprising, right? However, this dish gives a unique combination of savory and sweet flavors. It is the main dish which is accompanied by Burundi slaw and chapati bread.

Recipe for beans and bananas

6. Ndizi

Ndizi, or in simple words, a plantain prepared in palm oil. Plantain is first sliced and then fried in palm oil. It is easy to prepare and requires only three ingredients, i.e., palm oil, plantains, and salt. Ndizi can be eaten as both snack or a side dish.

Recipe for ndizi

7. Matura and Mahu

This special kind of Burundian sausage called matura and mahu is one of the locals’ favorite foods. It is prepared with onions, garlic, meat, normally beef, chili pepper, salt, pepper, etc. Blood is also a mandatory ingredient in it.

Recipe for matura and mahu

8. Ndagala

This typical Burundian food ndagala is a dish made of small local fish. It is usually used whole for cooking. The ingredients for making this cuisine are red palm oil, tomatoes, onions, habanero, and fish. You can also add parsley to enhance its flavor.

Recipe for ndagala

9. Renga Renga

Renga renga is another Burundian stew. It is made of peanuts and potato leaves as key ingredients. While other ingredients are oil and tomatoes. It has a sweet taste. Renga renga is one of the national dishes of the country.

Recipe for renga renga

10. Nyama

Nyama is a stew made of meat. It is also common in other countries like Zimbabwe. Common meats used for this dish are beef, chicken, and goat. It is often cooked during festivals and celebrations. Other ingredients are tomatoes, carrots, garlic cloves, curry powder, and onions, etc.

Recipe for nyama



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