10 Most Popular Foods in Brunei

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The delicate and delicious recipes of Brunei foods have been carried forward for generations. As a result, their foods are among the most liked and praised cuisines globally, and people from all over the world love eating them. Besides, tourists also love trying their foods along with exploring its fascinating culture and amazing spots.

So, we have picked the 10 most popular foods in Brunei for the food-lovers who do not hesitate to try out new recipes.

1. Ambuyat

The national dish of Brunei called ambuyat has a unique appearance. It looks like the aloe vera gel. However, it is prepared using the interior of sago palm trees. This ingredient gives a blend of water and white solids. For better taste, a dip is served with ambuyat, which is called cacah. It is very sour and spicy.

Recipe for ambuyat

2. Kelupis

Kelupis is a tasty snack. For preparing this food, the rice is cooked in different ingredients like coconut milk and pandan leaves. Afterward, it is wrapped in the leaves of Daun nyirik. The rolls are further steamed and hanged to removed excess water.

Recipe for kelupis

3. Nasi Katok

Nasi refers to rice, while katok directly translates to knock. The name has a long history. There are different recipes for preparing the nasi katok. However, few ingredients are the same in all recipes, like the fried chicken piece, rice, and the mouthwatering dip called sambal.

Recipe for nasi katok

4. Pulut Panggang

This famous snack from Brunei is called pulut panggang. This cuisine is wrapped and then grilled. Steaming the wrapped ingredient is not an effective method. It is mostly eaten for breakfast, and locals love it, and you must try it too.

Recipe for pulut panggang

5. Bamboo Chicken

Bamboo chicken is a unique form of cuisine from Brunei. It is made by stuffing chicken into the bamboo poles. However, make sure to marinate the chicken first. Along with the chicken, other ingredients like spices and onions. Then, it is wedged shut using the bamboo leaves.

Recipe for bamboo chicken

6. Selurut

Locals call selurut with different names. However, this dessert is something you don’t want to miss. It has a very soft texture. It is made with steamed rice as the key ingredient. The sago and rice combination, drenched in salted water and coconut milk, makes selurut a yummy treat.

Recipe for selurut

7. Kuih

Another famous rice cake, Kuih, can be found in China, Singapore, and Malaysia. However, the Brunei kuih has its unique taste. This food is normally prepared for the festivals like Chinese New Year and Hari Raya, etc.

Recipe for kuih

8. Tapai

Tapai is a very fancy Bruneian wrap. It has a very lengthy process of preparation. As a result, it has a very sweet and sour flavor. Tapai consists of rolls made with a blend of sugar, laru, and Siam rice. Then, the mixture is wrapped using Nipah leaves.

Recipe for tapai

9. Nasi Lemak

Nasi lemak contains rice which is cooked in coconut milk. This dish is served with fried chicken, anchovies, and sambal. These ingredients are wrapped in Pandan leaf before serving. Some locals also add cucumber and toasted peanuts as side food for better taste.

Recipe for nasi lemak

10. Hati Buyah

Hati buyah is popular street food in the country. It is also found in Halal restaurants. It is prepared with beef lungs which are marinated and stir-fried. It has a very spicy and unique taste that comes with its cooking process.

Recipe for hati buyah


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