10 Most Popular Foods in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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The traditional foods of Bosnia and Herzegovina have high similarities with Mediterranean and Turkish cuisines. Its foods have a history of more than 400 years that dates back to the time of Ottoman rule. So if you want a good taste and healthy food all in a single place, then you must head towards any Bosnia and Herzegovina restaurant. Here are the 10 most popular foods in Bosnia and Herzegovina for you to try.

1. Cevapi

Cevapi is a specific form of kebabs famous in the country. These kebabs have an oblong shape. They are normally made with beef or lamb. Locals serve cevapi with onions in somun, which is pita bread. It is preferred during lunch and dinner. Most people also eat it as a snack. The seasoning and cooking style may vary because it has various recipes.

Recipe for cevapi

2. Zeljanica

Zeljanica is a traditional savory pie. It is prepared with rolled phyllo dough. The dough has various fillings that include a mixture of fresh cow cheese, egg, cream, and spinach. Then, the dough is rolled using a thin sheet.

Recipe for zeljanica

3. Bosanski Lonac

Bosanski lonac, also called the Bosnian pot, is a delicious stew. It got its name after its preparation method. Unfortunately, there are few varieties of this dish. The ingredients normally required for preparing bosanski lonac are meat and vegetables like onions, tomatoes, carrots, Roman beans, potatoes, etc.

Recipe for bosanski lonac

4. Buranija

The flavorful buranija is a stew that is made with Roman beans and veal as the key ingredients. You will need various spices for flavors, including bay leaves, paprika, salt, and pepper. While most locals also add garlic, potatoes, onions, and carrots.

Recipe for buranija

5. Burek

Burek also has Turkish origin. It has a very flaky pastry and is made with cheese, spinach filling, and meat. It is easily available in almost every bakery in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is something everyone must try. Its healthy and delicious recipe makes it everybody’s favorite.

Recipe for burek

6. Kadaif

This dessert is one of the must-try ones in the country. Kadaif is made with dough. The dough is filled with nuts, especially walnuts. Kadaif has various types, and the ingredients in each recipe may differ. Once baked, kadaif is doused in syrup.

Recipe for kadaif

7. Japrak

Another cuisine of Turkish origin, japrak, is a traditional cuisine of Herzegovina. For this dish, you will need a filling of minced meat combined with salt and pepper and rice. It is then wrapped in rastika’s blanched leaves. Once filled, the leaves are cooked slowly for few hours.

Recipe for japrak

8. Tufahija

Tufahija is also a tasty dessert. It is prepared with apples. Apples are stewed in sugar and water and then stuffed with walnut or almond cream. The ingredients are baked for a while and then doused in thick sugar syrup.

Recipe for tufahija

9. Begova Corba

This slow-cooked dish includes various vegetables like celery, carrots, and potatoes, and meat in the recipe. It is a very thick and creamy stew. It makes a great appetizer, and locals love it. Begova corba is normally served with a sauce or sour cream.

Recipe for begova corba

10. Teleca Corba

Teleca corba, or in a laymen’s language, the veal stew is something you must try on your next visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I prepared with chunks of meats, potatoes, and carrots as key ingredients. Naturally, you will need a big pot for simmering these ingredients.

Recipe for teleca corba


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