10 Most Popular Foods in Bhutan

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Bhutan makes one of the most amazing tourist destinations globally because of its natural beauty and mesmerizing sceneries. However, that’s not the only thing to love about Bhutan because it also has some mouthwatering foods too. The Bhutanese locals have excellent cooking skills that make their foods tastier. In the paragraphs below, we have provided the 10 most popular foods in Bhutan, so you must try them if you get the chance to visit the country.

1. Kewa Datshi

Kewa datshi is extremely easy to prepare food. This traditional Bhutanese dish is made of potatoes stewed with onions, chilis, and cheese. Kewa datshi is normally served with either flatbreads or rice. Its spiciness varies. So, you can find both hot and mild. Both foreigners and locals love it.

Recipe for kewa datsi

2. Ema Datshi

Ema datshi is also like kewa datshi. However, for ema datshi, you will need a higher amount of cheese and chilies as it is prepared hot. This dish is also one of Bhutan’s national dishes. The ingredients required for ema datshi are yak cheese, split chilies, tomatoes, onions, oil, and garlic.

Recipe for ema datshi

3. Red Rice

Red rice is another famous Bhutanese traditional dish. Unfortunately, there is not a single recipe for this healthy and delicious rice. Instead, you will find a bunch of recipes for its preparation. The specialty of red rice is that it cooks faster than other types of rice.

Recipe for red rice

4. Shakam Paa

Shakam paa is a combination of meat and vegetables. It is made with ground beef, radish, and chilies as the key ingredients. For shakam paa, the beef is dried, preserved, and then used for this dish.

Recipe for shakam paa

5. Shamu Datshi

Another popular stew, Shamu datshi, consists of different kinds of mushrooms. The mushrooms are stewed in a mixture of oil, green chilies, and water. Once cooked, cheese is added. Locals normally serve Shamu datshi with crusty bread or hot rice, which makes it more delicious.

Recipe for Shamu datshi

6. Jasha Maru

Jasha Maru is prepared with diced chicken which is the main ingredient in the recipe. Its stew is extremely spicy, and the ingredients are garlic, onions, ginger, coriander leaves, tomatoes, and chilies. Once cooked, Jasha maru is served with chicken broth and red rice.

Recipe for Jasha maru

7. Zow Shungo

Bhutanese have a good habit of not wasting things, and their zow shungo dish is the proof. It is made of leftover red rice and vegetables. It is easy to prepare and does not require high effort. That’s why Bhutanese locals love this food.

Recipe for zow shungo

8. Dumplings

Dumplings are one of the key cuisines in Bhutan. Like all parts of the world, dumplings are also widely eaten in Bhutan. You will find different varieties of the dish, which vary based on its filling. The common fillings are chilies, cheese, pork, and beef.

Recipe for dumplings

9. Buckwheat Pancake and Noodles

The buckwheat pancakes and noodles make a tasty and healthy breakfast, and you must try it. This food is prepared with barley and wheat flour. The noodles are either served stir-fried or boiled.

Recipe for buckwheat pancakes and noodles

10. Puta

Puta or the Bhutanese buckwheat noodles makes a very good substitute for dishes made of rice. It is cooked with the ingredients like meat, sauces, onion, buckwheat flour, all-purpose flour, eggs, and different vegetables. Noodles are boiled. Once prepared, puta is served in oil stir-fried.

Recipe for puta


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