10 Most Popular Foods in Belize

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If you are an adventurous traveler who does not fear trying out new dishes, then Belize has some amazing foods for you. In Belize, you will find a wide range of cuisines, including literal melting pot and figurative dishes.

However, deciding the best foods among so many dishes is a little difficult. That’s why we have listed the 10 most popular foods in Belie for you, do not hesitate to try these delicious foods.

1. Serre la Sus

Serre la sus was introduced by the people of Garifuna living in Belize. This tasty food is loved by both the locals and tourists due to its exceptional taste. It is a rich and hearty fish soup. For making the soup, the fish is simmered in a mixture of various ingredients like coconut milk, seasonings, and onions.

Recipe for serre la sus

2. Rice and Beans

Rice and beans are common foods around the globe. However, the Belizeans make this food a little more specialized. They use their local spices, which makes them different from the others. Most people also add hot sauce for better taste.

Recipe for rice and beans

3. Tamales

Tamales are found in most regions. However, you will not find the same taste as the Belizean tamales. Instead of using corn husks for tamales, Belizean locals use plantain leaves for wrapping the food. Besides, there are also different varieties for this dish, like bollos, Collado, and torteado.

Recipe for tamales

4. Tapou

Tapou is a delicious and creamy stew made of fish and other ingredients. These ingredients are garlic, potatoes, coconut oil and milk, bell peppers, ginger, lime juice, cilantro, cassava, orange juice, shrimps, etc. For tapu, the fish must be dredged on the floor.

Recipe for tapes

5. Black Fruit Cake

The Belizean black fruit cake makes an important part of cuisines in the country. Especially during festivals like Christmas, this sweet dish is prepared in almost every home. It is filled with warm spices, burnt sugar syrup, nuts, and other dry fruits.

Recipe for black fruit cake

6. Stewed Chicken

Stewed chicken is normally served alongside rice and beans. This food is made with chicken meat and other items like tomatoes, coconut oil, spices, and other ingredients different from an ordinary stewed chicken. There are various recipes and techniques for preparing a Belizean stewed chicken.

Recipe for stewed chicken

7. Boil Up

Boil-up is among the national dishes of Belize. It consists of bread dumplings, boiled fish, vegetables, and other ingredients. Once cooked, you can serve the dish as it is. Locals normally pair this dish with beer and onion soup.

Recipe for boil up

8. Salbutes

Locals highly praise Salbutes in the country. This food is mostly used as a snack. These are small fried corn tortillas. Once completed, salbutes are topped with chicken, cabbage, avocado, and hot sauce.

Recipe for salbutes

9.  Chimole

The traditional soup called chimole is a treat for weekends. Locals prepare this food on Sundays. The soup includes a black recado that turns its color into black. It includes various ingredients such as onions, cumin, hot red peppers, oregano, potatoes, salt, and all other spices. Chimole is served with corn tortillas.

Recipe for chimole

10. Fry Jack

If you want to eat breakfast, then try out fry jack. This traditional food is served with ingredients like bacon, beans, and eggs, etc. To enhance its taste, you can also serve it with mango juice or coffee.

Recipe for fry jack


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