10 Most Popular Foods in Belgium

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For serious travelers, Belgium has some great tourists spots that make it one of the top tourist destinations in the world. While visiting, trying out local food is something every traveler loves. Belgium has some delicious and mouthwatering cuisines, and everybody must try them out when it comes to food. In the coming section, we have listed the 10 most popular foods in Belgium for you, so try them out if you ever get the chance.

1. Belgian Fries (aka Frites/Frietjes)

Fries? Wait, what? That’s something we have in our home country and almost all parts of the world. That’s the most expected and highly common reaction. However, Belgian fries are not like normal fries. It is prepared with a two-step process. The two steps transform both the outer and inner crunchiness to perfection. It is heave for fries-lovers.

Recipe for Belgian fries

2. Stoemp

Stoemp is not the main course. Instead, it is a famous and highly-praised side dish. It is made with a combination of mashed potatoes and other vegetables like leeks and carrots. The vegetables are boiled well before adding into mashed potatoes. Some recipes also include bacon, fried onions, and shallots, etc.

Recipe for stoemp

3. Moules-Frites

Also referred to as the mosselen-friet, the moules-frites is a delicious dish prepared with fries and mussels. It is a real treat for those visiting the country, especially the seaside during summer. These mussels have a larger size than the famous French mussels.

Recipe for moules-frites

4. Boulets Sauce Lapin a La Liegeoise

Harder the name, tastier the food. Yes, this rule applies here very well. For example, the Boulets Sauce Lapin a La Liegeoise is a very popular dish in the country. It consists of meatballs made of pork and beef. The meatballs are then simmered in gravy with ingredients like onions, etc.

Recipe for Boulets Sauce Lapin a La Liegeoise

5. Gaufre

Gaufre is the local term used for waffles, or you can say that gaufre refers to the Belgian waffles. These waffles have very deep grooves. Deeper grooves can accommodate a larger amount of fillings.

Recipe for gaufre

6. Grey Shrimp Croquettes

Belgium has a wide range of tasty seafood; one of them is the grey shrimp croquettes. It is one of the major food specialties of the country. The shrimps are cooked in a way that makes them very crunchy from the outside. However, from the inside, they are very oozing.

Recipe for grey shrimp croquettes

7. Mitraillette

Mitraillette is a unique Belgian sandwich. The sandwich is prepared with a long baguette, fully loaded with fried meat, sauces, and french fries. You will find different versions of the dish around the country.

Recipe for mitraillette

8. Waterzooi

Waterzooi is a very creamy stew. It looks like soup. It is flemish. It is made with a unique combination of ingredients, i.e., fish, eggs, and butter. However, don’t fall for the ingredients because waterzooi is one of the dishes you must try.

Recipe for waterzooi

9. Tomates aux Crevettes Grises

Tomates aux Crevettes Grises, also referred to as the tomaat met grijze garnalen, is another famous dish for shrimps in Belgium. It consists of either grey or brown shrimps, which are then mixed with mayo and cold tomatoes. Both locals and visitors love this food.

Recipe for Tomates aux Crevettes Grises

10. Frikandel

Wrinkled, deep-fried, and skinless frikandel is a unique form of Belgian sausages. It is a popular snack in both Netherlands and Belgium. It can be prepared with a wide range of meats. However, the common meats are pork, horse, and chicken.

Recipe for frikandel


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