10 Most Popular Foods in Bangladesh

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Bangladesh was part of the sub-continent; that’s why its cuisines have a high resemblance with Mughlai, Indian, and Pakistani cuisines. Like other countries in the sub-continent, Bangladeshi locals are also fond of spicy foods, and they use high amounts of spices in their cuisines. Besides, they also love rice, so that you will find it in most of their food recipes. In the following paragraphs, we have picked the 10 most popular foods in Bangladesh, and you must try them.

1. Shami Kabab

Shami kabab is prepared with the combination of minced lamb, beef, chicken, or mutton with different ingredients like garlic, split chickpeas, chilis, onions, ginger, and a wide range of spices that includes mint leaves, cumin, garam masala, and red chili flakes. All ingredients are mixed and then rounded into patties. Then, the patties are coated with beaten eggs.

Recipe for Shami kabab

2. Paratha

Paratha is the most common breakfast in the country. It is an unleavened flatbread. It is made by baking flour dough. It is fried and then eaten for breakfast. Paratha is served with a wide range of foods like eggs, chai, nehari, and more.

Recipe for paratha

3. Panta Ilish

Panta ilish is a very popular and traditional Bangladeshi cuisine. Locals enjoy this cuisine, especially during their Boishakh festival. It is prepared by soaking the leftover rice into the water and then serving it with pickle, dal, and fried hilsa. This food is the symbol of the tradition and culture of Bangladesh.

Recipe for panta ilish

4. Ilish Macher Paturi

The national dish of Bangladesh, ilish macher paturi, is made with ilish fish. First, the fish is marinated with ground spices and then wrapped in banana leaves. Afterward, it is either roasted or steamed. The main ingredients in the recipe are mustard oil, turmeric, and chili peppers.

Recipe for ilish macher paturi

5. Kachchi Biryani

The wedding cuisine, Kachchi biryani, is prepared with layers of rice, potatoes, and meat. These ingredients are cooked in a mixture of various spices. The work Kachchi also refers to the same making procedure.

Recipe for Kachchi biryani

6. Bhuna Khichuri

Prepared with a combination of different dal and rice, the bhuna khichuri is something you must try. It is cooked with various spices and served with pickles and roasted meat. Locals also use various seasonings like salt and turmeric and top it with ghee.

Recipe for bhuna khichuri

7. Chotpoti

The traditional chotpoti consists of ingredients like diced potatoes and chickpeas as the main ingredients. It is served with a delicious sauce based on tamarind. Other ingredients include boiled eggs, green chili peppers, onions, fresh mint, and cilantro. While the common spices are chili powder and cumin.

Recipe for chotpoti

8. Morog Polao

The combination of various healthy ingredients makes the morog polao one of the must-try foods in Bangladesh. It is prepared with various ingredients like yogurt, rice, chicken, ghee, and spices. Normally, it is not as spicy as most of the other Bangladeshi cuisines.

Recipe for morog polao

9. Grilled Chicken with Naan

You will find the tasty grilled chicken with naan in almost every restaurant in the country. However, the grilling process and the recipe differ from the rest of the world. That’s why it tastes completely different from the other grilled chickens.

Recipe for grilled chicken with naan

10. Chom Chom

If you are a sweets-lover, then you will love Chom Chom. It is prepared with cottage cheese which is called chana, in their local language. Chana is cooked in sugar syrup. Some people also add lemon or cardamom powder to better flavor.

Recipe for Chom Chom


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