10 Most Popular Foods in Bahrain

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Arab foods have always been one of the great cuisines in human history and the favorite of all, and Bahrain foods are no different than other Arab countries.

The kingdom of Bahrain will give you some extraordinary adventures in food. Along with great taste, their cuisines also have an eye-catching appearance and presentation. We have listed the 10 most popular foods in Bahrain in the coming section, and every person must try them.

1. Masli

Arabs have a huge love for rice and meat, which is also visible in their cuisines. One example is masli. It is delicious rice cooked with different kinds of meat, including chicken, shrimp, or fish. These ingredients are mixed and cooked in the pot. When cooked, the dish looks like biryani in appearance. Biryani is a specific form of rice mostly cooked in India, Pakistan, and Iran, etc. However, it is completely different from biryani.

Recipe for masli

2. Machboos

Machboos is another traditional Bahraini food made with the main ingredients rice and meat. This food got its name from the Arabic word kab, which means compressed. The recipe for machboos is inspired by the Persian and Indian biryani. Both dishes have almost the same method of cooking.

Recipe for machboos

3. Muhammar

Muhammar is a famous form of Bahraini rice. However, unlike the above-discussed rice dishes, muhammar is sweet. Locals normally accompany this food with fried and grilled fish or with other meat like roasted lamb leg.

Recipe for muhammar

4. Bahraini Falafel

Falafel cooked in Bahrain is completely different from the rest of the world. In Bahrain, it is prepared with fried chickpeas. Once fried, it is served like fried balls with vegetables in sandwiches. Bahraini locals serve the falafel with tahini, salad, or Arabic bread.

Recipe for Bahraini falafel

5. Fi Ga’atah

Fi ga’atah, also called taht al aysh is simply the lamb stew on rice. It is white rice cooked with different vegetables like eggplant, tomatoes, and potatoes. The vegetables are placed at the bottom of the pan. The use of meats and nuts is also very common in fi ga’atah.

Recipe for fi ga’atah

6. Mandi

Mandi is boiled white rice. It is prepared with various spices like bay leaves, cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, etc. Once cooked, the rice is served with lamb, either thigh or shoulder. Using olive oil for mandi is highly recommended by the locals.

Recipe for mandi

7. Harees

Harees is made with wheat as the key ingredient. For hares, firstly, wheat is cooked well with meat. Once cooked, it is meshed and then served with cinnamon sugar as the topping. Along with Bahrain, harees is also a common food in other Arab countries.

Recipe for harees

8. Quzi

Quzi, also written as ghoozi, is a roasted lamb. It is prepared by stuffing lamb with rice, eggs, meat, and few other ingredients and then frying the lamb. Most locals also add raisins, almonds, angel hair, and other vegetables.

Recipe for quzi

9. Al-Mudalal

Al-mudalal is another form of Bahraini rice. The rice is mixed with herbs and small pieces of chicken. For al-mudalal, a specific form for butter is used. The butter is specifically prepared and then added to the recipe for better taste.

Recipe for al-mudalal

10. Jireesh

Jireesh, also pronounced as jareesh, is another form of mashed wheat. This delicious food is cooked with lamb or chicken. Adding tomatoes, onions, and different kinds of spices like cinnamon, cumin seeds, chili flakes, coriander powder, etc. is also necessary to enhance its taste.

Recipe for jireesh



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