10 Most Popular Foods in Austria

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Austrian cuisine is highly influenced by other European countries, especially Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. Austrian cuisines are loved for their rich flavors and unique taste, dominated by meats and carbs.

For those with good taste, Austrian foods offer some good addition to their taste buds. We have picked the 10 most popular foods in Austria; these foods are discussed in the following paragraphs.

1. Viennese Apfelstrudel

The Viennese apfelstrudel is the national food of Austria. However, it has roots in Germany. It is a flaky pastry. This delicious sweet dish has apple filling and is loved by vegetarians. You will also find different varieties of apfelstrudel in Germany. However, its Viennese version is spiced with raisins, sugar, and cinnamon. It is also found on the streets as street food. Both visitors and locals love trying it.

Recipe for Viennese apfelstrudel

2. Wiener Schnitzel

The direct translation of this food is a Viennese cutlet. It is one of the most loved Austrian national cuisines. To prepare wiener schnitzel, make thin cutlets of meat and coat it in breadcrumbs. Afterward, fry it in lard or butter until a golden-brown color appears.

Recipe for wiener schnitzel

3. Sachertorte

The sachertorte is a must-try Austrian cake. It is a dense sponge cake of chocolate and has thin layers of jam made of apricot. The cake has a topping made of chocolate icing. It is available in different restaurants and bakeries, etc. It is normally eaten with coffee.

Recipe for sachertorte

4. Vienna Sausages

If you want to try authentic Austrian food, then the Vienna sausages are something you must try. It is normally made of beef and pork; however, you can also use other meats. The sausages are also smoked in lower temperatures. Once done, the food is served in a hot bun.

Recipe for Vienna sausages

5. Wiener Wurstchen

Wiener Wurstchen is another iconic sausage in Austria. It is prepared with the combination of beef and pork encased in the intestine of sheep. It is used as the main dish with radishes, potato salad, cabbage, and Sauerkraut.

Recipe for wiener wurstchen

6. Austrian Goulash

Austrian goulash is highly popular across Austria, especially in Vienna. It is a delicious hearty beef stew. It is seasoned with various ingredients like onions, paprika, and tomatoes. It is a great dish during winter. It is served with beer or wine.

Recipe for Austrian goulash

7. Knodel

Knodel is a yummy dumpling with rich flavors. It gives a combined taste of savory and sweetness. It has different varieties. The dumplings have a meatball-like shape and are served in soup. They have different fillings, and minced meats are common ingredients.

Recipe for Knodel

8. Tafelspitz

Tafelspitz is prepared by boiling veal in root vegetables. Austrian locals serve it with carrots, apple-horseradish, potatoes, and chive sauce, etc. The method used for cooking tafelspitz is old, and the trend has been going on since ancient times. It has different varieties. Some locals also add beef marrow and chicken.

Recipe for tafelspitz

9. Spargel

Spargel or asparagus is one of the highly recommended cuisines in Austria. It is available in different restaurants across the country. It is served with lemon, butter, and breadcrumbs. It has different varieties. Sometimes people also serve it with hollandaise sauce.

Recipe for spargel

10. Tiroler Grostl

Tiroler grostl is a simple dish made of potato mainly, fried in a pan. It is topped with chopped pork or beef, fried egg, and lots of onions and butter. It also has other variants. This fancy Austrian food is something everyone must try in Austria.

Recipe for Tiroler grostl


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