10 Most Popular Foods in Armenia

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Armenia has one of the top cuisines around the world. Their foods are rich in flavor, while their cooking techniques and recipes date back thousands of years.

As a result, Armenia has some of the best cuisines for those who do not hesitate to try out new dishes. We have listed the 10 best and most popular foods in Armenia, and everybody must try them!

1. Dolma

This Armenian food called dolma is made of minced meat and rice. These ingredients are wrapped in either cabbage leaves or vine. For this, one must boil and dry the leaves. The ingredients used for the filling are onions, tomato paste, minced beef, and rice. Some people also add coriander, dill, and parsley for better taste and a little refreshing flavor.

Recipe for dolma

2. Lula Kebab

Lula kebab, also written as lyulya kebab, is a unique kebab from the Caucasus region. It is normally prepared with ground lamb and chopped onions. Both ingredients are mixed well with salt and black pepper. Afterward, they are grilled and skewered. Its kneading process makes it unique. Also, you can make it with fish or poultry.

Recipe for Lula kebab

3. Ghapama

Ghapama is prepared by stuffing pumpkin. Various ingredients are used for stuffing, like dried fruits, rice, nuts, butter, cinnamon, and honey. This food is prepared during special occasions like Armenian Christmas and new year, etc. Besides, during pumpkin seasons like autumn and winter, people make this cuisine in larger quantities.

Recipe for ghapama

4. Boerag

Another famous Armenian food, boerag is a flaky puff pastry. It is prepared with a range of cheese filling, while some also swear it by filo dough. It is soft yet thick. Once cooked, the pastries are cut into pieces.

Recipe for boerag

5. Khorovats

It is a unique method of barbecue in Armenia. The meat is placed on skewers, and then it is grilled on mangal. Some people also grill it on the clay oven. You can use various meats for it; however, the common ones are pork ribs and chops.

Recipe for khorovats

6. Harissa

Harissa is the national Armenian dish. It is a thick porridge. This food is prepared by slowly simmering korkot with pieces of chicken and lamb. Harissa was originated in the Ararat plain in ancient times. However, today it is widely cooked throughout Armenia.

Recipe for harissa

7. Topik

Topik is a chickpea dumpling. It has a very diverse taste. The dough for topik is prepared with tahini, chickpeas, potatoes, and salt, and sugar is added at the end to balance the taste. The fillings in this food consist of pine nuts, minced onions, dried blackcurrants, and stirred tahini with allspice, cinnamon, salt, and sugar.

Recipe for topik

8. Dzhash

Dzhash is traditionally cooked food. It is prepared in a tonir which is a clay oven made underground. It is a tomato stew made of legumes and meat, etc. However, the vegetable is always included in the recipe.

Recipe for dzhash

9. Manti

Manti is traditional dumplings that are originated from Turkey. Manti is filled with onions and ground meat, while the sauce is garlic and yogurt. It also has a high resemblance with mantu, which is an Afghani dish. It is also a common food in central Asia.

Recipe for manti

10. Zhingyalov Hats

Zhingyalov hats are the fried flatbreads. The dough is made of sour cream and flour, while the filling consists of spring onions, spinach, beet tops, dill, parsley, lettuce, and cilantro. First, the filling is cooked and filled inside the dough; then, it is fried until golden.

Recipe for zhingyalov hats


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