10 Most Popular Foods in Antigua and Barbuda

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If you ever get the chance to visit Antigua and Barbuda, then make sure to try out its food because, along with highly attractive landscapes, this country also has some good foods to try. Moreover, their cuisines will give an extra touch of aesthetics because only a filed tummy will allow you to enjoy new places. So, we have provided the 10 most popular foods in Antigua and Barbuda, and you must try them.

1. Black Angelhair Fritters

Filled with delicious taste, the black angel hair fritters are prepared with blue crab meat, minced vegetables, minced conch, seasonings, eggs, black angel hair pasta, and baking powder. Once mixed, the ingredients are fried in oil. Most people use parsley and diced tomatoes for garnishing at the end. Serving it with curry sauce is also common in most regions.

Recipe for black angel hair fritters

2. Conch

Along with great looks, the conch also has an excellent taste, making it one of Antigua and Barbuda’s must-try foods. It is different from most other dishes that include seafood. This food has a sweet taste with calamari and a clams-like texture. People mostly eat it in summer with a cold beverage.

Recipe for conch

3. Antiguan Butter Bread

Bread is a common ingredient in all regions. However, the Antiguan butter bread is one of the must-try bread. It is tender and has a buttery loaf. With this bread, you don’t need to apply external butter. It is available in almost all bakeries around.

Recipe for Antiguan butter bread

4. Ducana

Another popular Antiguan dish, ducana, have high similarities with tamales. It is prepared with a blend of seasoned coconuts and sweet potatoes. Besides, different spices are also added to the recipe. Once cooked, the food is wrapped in banana leaf, and then it is steamed.

Recipe for ducana

5. Pork Chops with Bacon and Bananas

This dish does not sound new to many. However, it tastes different than what most people expect. It is made of pork chops and banana chunks. Both ingredients are grilled well before serving. Once grilled, ingredients are wrapped in bacon.

Recipe for pork chops with bacon and bananas

6. Fungee and Pepperpot

Fungee and pepperpot is the national dish of Antigua and Barbuda. It is found everywhere around the island. Fungee is made of okra and pepperpot stew. The combination of both ingredients adds more to the flavor.

Recipe for fungee and pepperpot

7. Goat Water

Goat water is a famous Antiguan soup. The main ingredients in this food are goat meat, tomatoes, onions goat meat, fresh herbs, breadfruit, and flour. Some people also add potatoes, yams, and dumplings for better flavor.

Recipe for goat water

8. Souse

If you are going on a cruise, then you must try souse. This light yet highly refreshing meal shares the same characteristics as soup. It is prepared with pickled pork. However, in some regions, it is also prepared with chicken. Other ingredients in the recipe are onions, peppers, spices, and lime.

Recipe for souse

9. Tamarind Balls

Tamarind balls are common snacks in Antigua and Barbuda. It has a sweet and sour flavor with a little chewy and peppery texture. This traditional snack is combined with the flesh of tamarind fruit. While other ingredients are brown sugar which helps it form balls.

Recipe for tamarind balls

10. Saltfish

Saltfish is normally paired with few other dishes like fungee and ducana. It has a savory and salty flavor with a sweet little tone. It is prepared with codfish that come from the local waters. Other main ingredients are onions, spices, and peppers.

Recipe for saltfish


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