10 Most Popular Foods in Angola

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If you have Angola in your bucket and want to visit it anytime, you must try some Angolan foods. Angolan food is influenced by Portuguese food, and that’s because, before its independence, Angola was part of a Portuguese colony. So, most of its foods resemble Portuguese cuisines. In the following paragraphs, we have listed and briefly described the 10 most popular foods in Angola.

1. Catatos

Catatos is not like an ordinary cuisine. Frying caterpillars make this unique Angolan food. Other ingredients in the food include garlic, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. When fried, a caterpillar becomes crunchy and quite tender. Its taste resembles the taste of prawns. This food is rich in iron and protein like all other meats. It tastes better when served with a hot sauce.

Recipe for catatos

2. Cabidela

Cabidela is called an adventurous dish. It is made of rabbit or poultry with its blood. These ingredients are added to vinegar and water. When the animal is being slaughtered, its blood is stored in a bowl. Once cooked, cabidela is served with meat or rice. This food has a brown color which is due to its color.

Recipe for cabidela

3. Cocada Amarela

Cocada amarela is a sweet dish. It is a pudding or custard. This dish has a Portuguese origin. However, Angolan locals have made few changes in the recipe. This cuisine has a yellow color. The main ingredients in the recipe are sugar, water, eggs, salt, and grated coconut.

Recipe for cocoda amarela

4. Caculu de Peixe

Caculu de peixe, or simply a fish caculu is made of dried fish. This food is made with a combination of vegetables, spices, and red palm oil. This food is served with funje, which is also an Angolan food.

Recipe for caculu de peixe

5. Chikwanga

Also called kwanga, the chikwanga is an Angolan bread. This food is prepared with cassava flour cakes wrapped in banana leaves. This food is steamed before serving. It is normally served as a side dish with the main dish.

Recipe for chikwanga

6. Funge

Also written as funje, the funge is a cassava flour porridge. For making funge, the fufu is stirred into the boiling water. It is a side or complimentary dish and is served with the main course that includes fish Calulu, pork, chicken, and beans, etc.

Recipe for funge

7. Leite Azedo

Leite azedo is sour milk that is famous among the Mucubal community. This community raised their cattle and preserved their milk for use in the future. First, the milk is collected by women, and then it is fermented for several hours. Afterward, it is stirred for half an hour.

Recipe for leite azedo

8. Moamba de Galinha

Moamba de glinha, also referred to as the chicken moamba is a highly aromatic chicken stew. It is prepared with vegetables, garlic, okra, and chili. These ingredients are cooked in red palm oil. Most people call it the national dish of Angola.

Recipe for moamba de galinha

9. Kizaka

Kizaka is a popular vegetarian dish in the country. It is made of ground peanuts and boiled cassava leaves. Both ingredients are stewed until they get thick. This dish is a combination of European recipes with African spices.

Recipe for kizaka

10. Farofa

This Brazilian-origin food is a toasted cassava flour dish. It looks like large grains. It is served with rice, bean dishes, and meat because it does not have a very evident taste. While cooking, it is flavored with onions, olives, pork, eggs, sausages, and garlic.

Recipe for farofa


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