10 Most Popular Foods in Andorra

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Like all other countries, Andorra also has its specialties. However, their cuisines resemble French, Catalonian, and Spanish cuisines.

Andorrans also use wild ingredients like mushrooms, hare, and boar, etc. So, for those who want to know about their dishes, we have listed the 10 most popular foods in Andorra; the details are provided in the following section.

1. Escudella

Most people consider Escudella as the national dish of Andorra. This food is cooked for their special occasions and during winter. Escudella is a hearty stew. All meat lovers love this delicious food.

The recipe includes various foods like meatballs, chicken, pig snout, trotters, and veal, etc., while other ingredients include white beans, potatoes, chickpeas, and cabbage. Most people also add large shells of pasta. However, the traditional recipe does not include that.

Recipe for escudella

2. Pa Amb Tomaquet

Pa amb tomaquet is the traditional cuisine that is served as a side dish with the main course. It is a common side dish with meat. This food came from Catalonia to Andorra. First, the clove of garlic is rubbed on the toasted slices of bread, and then other ingredients are added.

Recipe for pa amb tomaquet

3. Galtes de Porc

Galtes de porc is a unique dish made of pig cheeks. Wait, what? Pig cheeks? Yes, pig cheeks are also eaten, and it is extremely tasty when cooked. This dish is served with a sauce, celery leaves, and leeks, etc.

Recipe for galtes de porc

4. Trinxat

This British squeak and bubble food is a trinxat blend of cabbage, leeks, and mashed potatoes. These ingredients are fried with pork fat or bacon cubes. When cooked, the food is served with poached egg and chicory leaves.

Recipe for trinxat

5. Calcots

Calcots are native vegetables of the Catalan region. This vegetable belongs to the onion family. Andorran natives eat this vegetable during the calcotada festival. The side dish is served with the main course that is normally barbecue, bread, romesco sauce, and red wine.

Recipe for calcots

6. Formatge

Andorra is one of the top producers of cheese. Their cheese is famous worldwide. The texture of the formatge varies from soft to hard based on how the cheese is made. People use it for various reasons that include goat cheese salad. This salad is the favorite summer dish of Andorra locals.

Recipe for formatge

7. Cargols a La Llauna

Andorran people love eating snails, and they use various recipes for cooking them. In this recipe, snails are roasted in the oven. Then, it is eaten with different ingredients like aioli, i.e., garlic mayonnaise, olive oil, and salt.

Recipe for cargols a la llauna

8. Amanida de Xicoira

Amandia de xicoira is an Andorran festival salad. It is a summer dish and contains some good health benefits for everyone. It is made of bacon, snails, and chicory leaves. Besides, locals also use mountain-grown vegetables for making amanida de xicoira.

Recipe for amanida de xicoira

9. Trucha a la Andorrana

Andorran waters contain some high-quality and tasty trout. That’s why it is included among Andorra’s specialties. Trucha a la andorrana is one of the special forms of trout recipe made in this country. It is made of grilled trout. Most people wrap it in ham.

Recipe for trucha a la andorrana

10. Embotits

Embotits are dried sausages and one of the most liked Andorran cuisine. It has different types: botifarra Blanca, botifarra Negra, bull de ilengua, bringuera, bull de fetga, and bull de ronyo. Add these sausages to your next eating list.

Recipe for embotits


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