10 Most Popular Foods in Algeria

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Algeria was part of the Ottoman empire for around 300 years; that’s why it has various flavors. As a result, their food gives a unique combination of North African, French, and Mediterranean flavors.

So, those who want to try out new foods must include Algerian cuisines in their list. In the following section, we have listed the 10 best and most popular foods in Algeria.

1. Couscous

Couscous is steamed semolina. Semolina is steamed for around 10 minutes. Also, the food contains meat stew. When served, the food includes zucchini, carrots, and potatoes. However, the ingredients might vary based on the region. It is usually cooked and eaten on Fridays due to the history associated with this food. You can eat it with steamed peas and beans too.

Recipe for couscous

2. Garantita

Garantita is a famous food found across the streets of Algeria. People use it as a tart, cake, and snake. The dough prepared for this food is combined with chickpea flour, spices, water, and oil. Afterward, the well-beaten egg is added to the recipe, and then the dough is baked. Once baked, the cake transforms its color into brown.

Recipe for garantita

3. Chekhchoukha

Chekhchoukha has a hard-to-pronounce name. But the food is delicious, and you must try it. This food has various recipes, and they slightly differ based on the city you are trying it in. It contains chickpeas, boiled eggs, and meat.

Recipe for chekhchoukha

4. Tajin Zitoun

Tajin Zitoun is a popular Algerian cuisine, and locals love to eat it during the Islamic month of Ramadan. This dish is prepared with kefta, meatballs made of minced chicken, beef, fish, or lamb. Other spices and herbs, potatoes, white olive and cinnamon sauce, and mushrooms are also added to the recipe.

Recipe for tajin zitoun

5. Chorba Frik

Chorba frik is an Algerian soup. It is made of various ingredients like chickpeas, meat, and ancient grain, known as frik. This cuisine is also seasoned with various spices like coriander and mint.

Recipe for chorba frik

6. Baklawa/Baklava

Baklawa is inherited Algerians by the ottoman empire. This cuisine is normally made for big occasions by the locals. This pastry is prepared with honey, almonds, and honey. However, most people avoid eating it because it contains around 230 calories. Therefore, if you are conscious about your calories, you must be careful while eating this food.

Recipe for baklawa

7. Msemen

The thin and delicious flatbread called msemen is one of the must-try bread inside the country. The recipe includes salt, sugar, semolina, oil, flour, butter, and warm water. Once the dough is ready, they are given different shapes.

Recipe for msemen

8. Zviti

Zviti is spicy, and most people love this cuisine for this reason. This food includes green chilis as one of the key ingredients. Besides, it also contains green olives, garlic, and coriander in the recipe. It is normally served in a wooden bowl.

Recipe for zviti

9. Shakshouka

For preparing shakshouka, eggs are poached in a spicy sauce made of tomato. The sauce also contains onions and other spices. Once the sauce is ready, eggs are added to the recipe. In some places, people also add sausages to the recipe.

Recipe for shakshouka

10. Dobara

Dobara is a winter cuisine. This food has three main recipes, i.e., Dobara with chickpeas, Dobara with beans, or a combination of both. Before adding chickpeas and beans, they are soaked in water overnight. Then, boil them without adding salt.

Recipe for ssDobara


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