10 Most Popular Food in Philippines

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The cuisine of the Philippine archipelago is called Filipino cuisine. This exotic cuisine is mainly based on indigenous ingredients. Filipino cuisine shows an influence of India, China, Japan, Arabian countries, and so on. The natives of the Philippines depend on roasting, steaming, and boiling while cooking their delicacies.

Some dominant ingredients of Filipino cuisines are coconut, rice, moringa leaves, chili, and citrus fruits. Let’s know about some popular dishes in the Philippines.

1. Adobo

Adobo is a savory Filipino food that originated in Mexico several hundred years ago. The dish is made with either Chicken or pork. Adobo features vinegar, salt, soy sauce, garlic pepper, etc. The best thing about Adobo is that you can preserve it without refrigeration for multiple days.

Recipe for Adobo

2. Chicken Inasal

This chicken recipe is actually a grilled chicken delicacy. Here, first, the freshly cut raw Chicken is marinated with salt, pepper, lemongrass, garlic, seed oil, etc. Later, the chefs grill the pieces of Chicken separately. The dish will go pretty well with garlic rice or coconut rice.

Recipe for Chicken Inasal

3. Bulalo

The Bulalo is actually a soup that is served in a piping hot condition. The dish is prepared with slaughtered beef. You have to boil the soup for several hours. To make Bulalo, a big piece of beef bone is used. We think you might enjoy this delicacy with your family and friends in the Philippines.

Recipe for Bulalo

4. Arroz Caldo

This is nothing but a soothing chicken soup. The dish is cooked with rice, hard-boiled eggs, ginger, roasted garlic, onions, etc. The Arroz Caldo is available in almost every street stalls. The dish is quite sought after in the capital of Philippines, Manila.

Recipe for Arroz Caldo

5. Fish Tinola

Are you into sea fishes? If you are, the Fish Tinola will blow your mind. This marine fish dish features a sour broth. To make the dish, the chefs add various vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, tamarind, and so on. This one-of-a-kind recipe is ideal for fish lovers. It contains plenty of omega fatty acids.

Recipe for Fish Tinola

6. Tapa

Tapa or Tap-si-long can be eaten in both breakfast and lunch. This wholesome meal features delicate slices of marinated beef along with fried or poached eggs, garlic rice, salad, etc. This satisfying meal can be cooked pretty easily. There is no single restaurant in the Philippines that doesn’t serve Tapa to travelers.

Recipe for Tapa

7. Laing

While in the Philippines, you should definitely try the recipe of Laing. This tasty and healthy recipe is eaten with steamed rice or jeera rice. The dish of Laing features mainly taro leaves. Laing can seem pretty rich to some foreign travelers because it is cooked in thick coconut milk. Meat and chili are also added to the recipe of Laing.

Recipe for Laing

8. Sinugno

This authentic delicacy is prepared in coconut milk mainly. Do you know how to cook the Sinugno freshwater tilapia fish? The fish is first grilled, and later it is placed in the coconut milk gravy. By the way, natives of the Philippines use lots of chilies in the dish. Order this main course with steamed rice if possible.

Recipe for Sinugno

9. Pork Barbecue

Pork Barbecue is one of the tasty street foods of the Philippines archipelago.  Here, the pork meat is cut into small pieces, and they are marinated well with several spices, herbs, etc. After overnight marination, the meats are skewered and then grilled. Pork Barbecues are pretty popular during food festivals in the Philippines.

Recipe for Pork Barbecue

10. Inihaw na Liempo

Liempo is nothing but pork belly in the native language of the Philippines. The Inihaw na Liempo is better served with freshly steamed rice. In this dish, the outer skin of the pork is kept. When the cooking is finished, there remains a crispy skin coating on the outside and juicy tender pork meat on the inside. During roasting the pork, the natives often use various herbs, spices, etc.

Recipe for Inihaw na Liempo



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