10 Most Popular Food in Marshall Islands

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An explorer named Captain John Marshall popularized the Marshal Islands in the year 1788. The natives prefer to call the island the “gifts from God.” The incredible Marshallese cuisine is mainly based on fruits, grains, and other items.

The natives of Marshall Island prepare delicious dishes with coconut, papaya, bananas, breadfruit, etc. The Marshallese cuisine also uses an ample amount of seafood, rice balls, freshwater fish, sea turtles, clams, pork, chicken, etc., in their dishes. Let’s know about the top 10 popular foods in Marshall Island.

1. Barramundi cod

This exotic fish specialty is the national dish of Marshall Island. The dominant ingredient of the recipe is the fresh barramundi cod. People of Marshall Island generally wrap this codfish in banana leaves and bake it after seasoning for hours. The dish features a delicate flavor along with a pleasant fragrance. You can service this savory dish with rice balls, fresh salad, etc.

Recipe for Barramundi cod

2. Rice-banke

This is one of the simplest Marshallese dishes. With diced pumpkin, rice, coconut milk, etc., you can make this unique recipe of Rice-banke. You can smash the pumpkin for the recipe as well. While serving, you can accompany this rice banke with some side dishes as well. People of Marshall Island prefer to call the dish Pumpkin Rice.

Recipe for Rice-banke

3. Chukuchuk

These are nothing but rice balls made with grated coconut. While in Marshall Island, you should definitely try out this delicious recipe of Chukuchuk. Natives of Marshal Island make the recipe with steamed rice and sweet coconut as well. The travelers prefer the dish with other fish and poultry delicacies.

Recipe for chukuchuk

4. Macadamia Nut Pie

The Macadamia Nut Pie is very popular on Marshall Island. The natives of the Marshall Islands use Macadamia nuts in the recipe; that is why the recipe is named “Macadamia Nut Pie.” The chefs use corn syrup, sugar, vanilla extract, coconut along with coconut whipped cream on the top of the dish.

Recipe for Macadamia Nut Pie

5. Fried bananas and sweet potatoes

This Marshallese snack dish is full of exotic flavors and crispy in nature. The chefs generally use boiled sweet potatoes, bananas, coconut oil, butter, etc., in the recipe. This authentic dish will taste good with barbecued pork dishes.

Recipe for fried bananas and sweet potatoes

6. Tuna Sashimi

Made with raw fish, the Tuna Sashimi is a lip-smacking dish on Marshall Island. To prepare this extraordinary dish, chefs use fresh tuna slices. They add lime juice, avocado, etc., and the entire dish is cooked in extra virgin olive oil. Apart from Marshall Island, the dish is popular in the entire pacific region. Serve the dish with either rice or some spicy sauce.

Recipe for Tuna Sashimi

7. Grilled red snapper

If you are looking for any grilled recipe, you might love this Marshall Island special grilled red snapper. A nicely cut red snapper fillet is the vital component of the recipe. It is suggested to brush olive oil every now and then on the fillet. If you are cooking in a non-stick grill pan, you should use cooking spray as well.

Recipe for grilled red snapper

8. Baked papaya in sweet coconut cream

This sweet delight from the Marshall Islands will definitely surprise you. Here, you will have to bake the papaya for at least one hour. You can add some caramelized sauce to the dish to make it extra delicious. This wonderful dessert is cooked in every household of the Marshall Islands.

Recipe for baked papaya in sweet coconut cream

9. Coconut crab

In the Marshall Islands, people are crazy about coconut crab recipes. Some native Marshall Island people prefer to call the crab “palm thief.” People make various delicious dishes with coconut crab, such as coconut crab curry, steamed coconut crab in a seafood platter, etc. The coconut milk generally goes pretty well with these soft crabs. Serve this crab recipe with some crab dips if you like.

Recipe for coconut crab

10. Grilled pineapple

Foreign travelers often order grilled pineapple with chukuchuk or grilled fish. It is pretty easy to prepare a dish of grilled pineapple. It brings out the sweetness of the pineapple. Natives of Marshall Island add several spices like black pepper, salt, herbs, etc., to the grilled pineapple.

Recipe for grilled pineapple